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It's important that you draw the line.

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

The key to a successful construction or renovation project starts and finishes with proper project planning. Whether you're intending to tackle something large like a brand new build, or something smaller such as remodeling your existing kitchen, a quality set of detailed drawings will always be your most useful tool to dictate how the work will be executed and finished for your construction project.

But who should you engage to prepare these drawings? The choice of professionals who you decide to work with for your construction or renovation project will often depend on the scope, size and complexity of the work involved. For example, if you are building a complete home from the foundation up, you will need to work with a variety of professionals such as architects and building engineers to ensure that your home is designed to the correct building codes and construction standards. However, if you're doing an interior remodel which does not affect the exterior envelope or load bearing divisions, it may be more ideal to simply engage a designer or interior decorator to help you with your renovation needs. Most importantly, renovation projects are very personal and unique, so whether you choose to work with one professional or multiple, it's extremely critical that you have a good working relationship with these individuals so that they properly understand your project wishes and effectively communicate your vision through their work.

Aside from being an absolute necessity in many cases, below are some additional key advantages to having detailed drawings for your construction or renovation projects:

1. Drawings make it easier to visualize the end result.

There are so many components that go into a construction or renovation project, which can often become very overwhelming for the average homeowner to piece together in their mind. Drawings therefore serve as a very useful tool to bring together all of the details so that the end result is clearer and easier to visualize.

2. Drawings help with the decision making.

Since drawings serve as visual cues for what is to come, they also inherently help prepare you for the many design decisions which should be made throughout the renovation project. By having drawings which identify and clearly illustrate the various details of your project, you will therefore be much more equipped to make important decisions when such questions should arise during the construction schedule because you will be well prepared in advance.

Reflected ceiling plan indicates positioning of electrical outlets and light fixtures for this modern man cave.

3. Spend a little now. Save a lot later.

It is almost certain that you will encounter surprises and or changes when taking on a renovation or construction project. With that said, by investing into quality drawings now and by tackling many of the components earlier on, you will often save a lot of time, money and energy in the long run, because surprises and changes will be easier to manage. Budget overages and schedule delays are often the biggest concerns for construction projects, so detailed planning is therefore critical towards keeping your project on schedule and on budget.

Detailed construction drawings for custom bar millwork

Need help planning your construction project? Contact us today so that we can introduce you to some of our highly reputable architects, designers and building professionals who will be best suited to assist you with your renovation needs.

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