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Home is where your story begins. What story are you telling?

What does your home say about you?

If the walls could talk, would they spill the stories of your life to anyone who would listen? Probably not, but without using words, your home tells the story of who you are, laid out in your unique paint colors, material choices and overall design style. Your home can reveal many things about your personality, accomplishments and/or even your shortcomings. In today's day and age where excess is everywhere, are you a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to your home?


Are you living in a sea of bare walls, contemporary furnishings and a neutral colour palette? Virtually clutter and chaos free as far as the eye can see? Living in this “layered modernism” is not as easy as it sounds. It actually takes great discipline and rigorous precision in planning and executing to achieve this design style. Within minimalism, everything has to have purpose. Some may see this type of home as cold and unwelcoming, however, a home that is stark in colour and modern in design can offer a much needed break and a place where one can re-focus and re-energize themselves in a zen-like environment.


Do you surround yourself with unconventional colors, numerous keepsakes and bold design choices? Maximalists often showcase unique features and design techniques. Layering fabrics, textures, patterns, art and a sense of design, free from the traditional rules often creates a space that feels vibrant, alive or "lived in" as some may say. Out in the world we are often bombarded with visual stimulation all day long. So does this change when we are at home? Should it? Personality in your home is just an extension of your individual style and unique stages of life.

Ultimately, there is no wrong answer here. Beauty can be found in both the modern, clean and sophisticated elegance of a minimalist space, as well as the conversation starting, eye catching mix of different colors and textures in the maximalist one. As I write this, I look around my home office and can instantly tell what category I fall into. As a busy mom of 3 little ones, I see the clutter of small toys and handmade macaroni frames mixed with beautiful glass vases and school art projects. At heart, I long to be a minimalist but for the foreseeable future I fall into the latter. The mix of beautiful “grown up” furniture surrounded by family portraits are constant reminders that my home is where my heart is. Although it's always a welcome change to visit somewhere that is minimal and modern with just the simplicity of basic necessities, as its been said for years “there is no place like home”.

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